The Art & Science of finding energy at every age: Insightful hints for your organization to feel, move and perform better


Health affects your bottom line, personally and professionally.

We can hire and train effective skills in sales, management, and customer service but without good health we never really reach our full capacity or ENJOY the life we have!

Health is the key to happiness, success (however YOU define it), and productivity. It’s your bottom line and your bottom-line.

Your organization thrives when the people in it feel alive. But how can you help them feel alive for longer than just a couple hours in a live presentation?

By learning strategies, guidelines and 10-minute at-your-desk tips that you can use daily to create lasting change (even if your day is already jam packed).

I would absolutely recommend Debra. She is very knowledgeable and organized in her approach to her program. She is supportive in a firm gentle kind of way. We set realistic goals and I felt Debra was by my side guiding me through the process of accomplishing those goals. I knew Debra was the coach for me when I heard her speak at the Active Aging Conferences…”

– Denny Gold
Event participant, private client

Debra did a wonderful job of maintaining the attention of our Iowa PGA Members during her dynamic presentation. Debra’s knowledge of fitness and the mechanics of the human body are very apparent and she does a fabulous job of teaching both. The Iowa PGA is very fortunate to have Debra as a speaker for our education seminars and golf fitness writer for Iowa Golf Magazine.

Troy Christensen
Executive Director, Iowa PGA Section


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