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From keynotes to open or close your event…
To breakout sessions and Best Year planning sessions…
From a sisters retreat to an annual or quarterly company meeting…
Or a series of yoga, stretching, and movement to break up your virtual or live events…
Debra has done all of this and more.
  • lectured in university auditoriums for 15 years,
  • delivered TEDx speeches,
  • opened for medical conferences,
  • and done breakouts for teachers, bankers, and ag management teams.
She’ll leave your audience with “remarkable” sound bites they’ll be saying themselves days later.

They’ll be smiling, nodding, and reflecting on stories that drive home the way you want them to act, think, or feel differently.
Your team’s morale, performance and effectiveness directly affect your bottom line. Here’s a way you can invest in helping them feel more effective, focused and energized throughout their day.

It’s not about having a “pep talk” or afternoon workshop that your organization will forget about in a day.

Debra provides tools and strategies to empower your team to make simple changes so they feel better…which increases their performance and effectiveness.

Debra Atkinson

What can you and your organization learn from Debra’s live workshops?

Here is a dabble of information that Debra can work into a program that’s perfect for your audience…

  • If you can spare 10 minutes a day, you can lose 5 pounds a month. Debra will show you how.
  • What’s the single most debilitating thing you can do if you work at a desk all day? You’ll find out what it is and how to completely avoid it.
  • Discover how to effortlessly stimulate energy and focus if you find yourself waning in the afternoon.
  • 62% of people that sit and use a computer for more than 5 hours a day gain an average of 10 pounds per year. Debra will keep you from being another statistic.

It’s not easy to choose someone to present to your group.

Choosing someone to come to your organization that will have a lasting impact on your group can be a challenge. If nothing else, you need a presenter that’s engaging and relevant. But ideally, you want to bring in someone that can connect authentically with your group while presenting information that

But ideally, you want to bring in someone that can connect authentically with your group while presenting information that enriches and entertains.

Debra’s specialty is working with diverse groups due to her ability to adapt to the audience she’s speaking to. If you have a group that has a range of interests, skillsets, health and fitness levels, ages and goals…Debra can customize her material to connect with where they’re at, so everyone can glean something.

When you hire Debra, you’ll find that she likes to collaborate with you so that you feel like you’re getting the best program for your audience.

Contact Debra now to learn about how she can adapt a program for your organization that leaves your group upbeat and inspired.

From the time Debra first came to our community for an afternoon workshop to when she left, the lift of energy in the room was palpable. We felt inspired about our bodies and abilities once she demonstrated how to shift the mindsets around aging. We’d love to have her back!
– Mary Smith
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In this session I teach your audience how the hormone-exercise solution makes all the difference in stubborn belly fat, bat wings, fatigue, along with productivity, mood, and brain health. Why don’t cookie-cutter exercise programs work for you? You’re not a cookie.


How do you get your energy, body, and life back…and then some? Some exercise makes your life better and some makes you tired… what’s the difference? This session trains audience members how to craft their ideal workout based on their personal needs, goals, and preferences.


The #1 Killer is, too often, you. Many women have said, “I used to lose weight easily, and be able to get results fast, but it’s not working any more.” So they quit or get tired and sick. I talk about how to change the strategy to win the new game.


How do you become your own personal trainer, nutritionist, and health coach? The flipping 50 workout plan will arm anyone with the exercise schedule they need today and next year to be their best.


There are 7 major ways to support fitness past the workout. Most women stop at 1! If you can’t exercise due to time, a condition, or illness, Debra unpacks the 7 was you can leverage your lifestyle beyond the workout.

7 Step Framework for Flipping 50

In this session I teach your audience the 7-step framework to feel good and look great, approaching or after 50 (the same framework I have used to teach thousands of women and trainers to flip 50).