1. You want information that is memorable.

Debra’s humorous delivery of what she calls the locker room talk will have audience members repeating memes and phrases in the hallways long after they leave. We all know we should exercise and eat better. We don’t use logic when we make routine decisions. Debra’s memorable cues break through because they’re tied to normal habits.

2. You want information that’s current.

Debra leads 2 live webinars, records 2 podcasts, and writes for up to five blogs weekly. Add to that her new book (2015), The After 50 Fitness Formula for Women, and she has constant connectivity to research. Whether it’s hormones, stress, or the latest on whether intervals are best for exercise you can be sure the information is based on the most recent science. This is how productivity happens: optimal physical and brain wellness.

3. You want information that includes the art and the science.

Knowing what to do is one thing. Trying to shake something we learned 30 years ago is another. Unlearning old habits and relearning new ones based on what we now know is an art. Busting through habit gravity to find the message that is a blend of art and science is what Debra does best.


4. You know laughter is the sign of learning.

Where there is laughter there will be stories and there will be moments long after of remembering. Debra will share anecdotes and stories from 30 years of coaching, teaching fitness, and consulting with women and trainers that have the audience smiling. By laughing at herself Debra will bring awareness to the laughable, yet serious situation our health habits have brought on us, and the simple solutions for change.

5. You want a speaker who will customize the presentation.

Your meeting your way is Debra’s fast food. She’s creative in taking her content, science and stories and making them fit your audience and desired outcomes. She’ll respond to how you want them to think, feel, or act differently after the presentation and adjust her presentation based on that.


6. You prefer an interactive presentation.

As a university lecturer who often taught 9am classes, and a frequent after-lunch presenter at senior retirement facilities, Debra knows about keeping an audience awake and engaged. Whether by exchanging information with a partner beside them, a show of hands, or dancing at their chairs, Debra will engage audience participation. Every presentation depends on audience interactivity for success. Debra makes that irresistible.

7. You want a speaker whose energy is contagious.

Debra talks about mental and physical wellness as it relates to productivity, happiness, and fulfillment. She walks the walk of not a perfect fitness expert –aerobic, organic and kale-crazed- but of a Boomer woman, stressed, seated with a big Mac for hours, and sandwiched between an aging parent and growing child, both of whom love her for the credit card! Debra shares how she’s battling the same demons and shows the level of energy that’s possible.

8. You want a speaker who can adapt to a diverse audience.

Debra has spent time teaching 20-year old university students who knew everything, 70-year old boomers who had seen everything, and fitness center employees who were always right about everything. She can adapt the presentation for your audience, desired outcomes and relay with respect a message that ties heart to head so they’ll use it.

9. You want a speaker who can adapt. Period.

Debra has delivered presentations with a drum core beginning next door within minutes of her introduction. She has prepared and planned to use a Power Point during a keynote to find the meeting planner unable to make it work. She has spoken to a large room of hundreds of older adults without a working microphone. And if she happens to have a sprained ankle at the time of presentation she may go on without her shoes. Yes, Debra can adapt.

10. You want to spare the diva.

Debra prides herself on being easy to work with and organized. After beginning grad school she was given three times the normal assistantship assignment. Within the first few months of participation in two sorority groups she was asked to become an officer. She presents to her peers in four of the leading fitness industry associations and is repeatedly asked back. Everyone agrees Debra is easy to work with and you can count on her to tend to details.

Fee Ranges are influenced by several factors that make the presentation customized for your audience. The average fee investment will be between $3000 and $10,000. Your quote will include any of the options listed below so our agreement is simple and inclusive.

  1. The type of presentation. Do you need a keynote, general session or breakout session? Debra will do an additional breakout session the same day as a keynote for no additional charge.
  2. Length of presentation. The length of the presentation can be custom fit for your needs. Do you need a half hour presentation or a half day presentation?
  3. Multiple presentations. Do you want the same presentation delivered several times or a variety of presentations created for your audience?
  4. Products or Services for your group. You may wish to give a copy of Debra’s book (for fitness professionals or midlife women) or a 90 day coaching package as a gift for one or more attendees or employees on your staff.
  5. Licensing fees. Do you want to record Debra’s presentation? Will you provide her with a copy of the recording? How do you intend to use it in the future?
  6. Travel. Travel arrangements and expenses will be built into the fee to simplify your job. That includes mileage, flight, hotel, food or other travel expenses incurred. You’ll have fewer details to handle and more time to focus on your event.
  7. Payment. Choose to pay the full fee in advance or half down at booking and half at delivery.

The fee includes preparation time and time on the platform in addition to: calls to collect research and any material to study; on site or distance meetings regarding your ideas; customizing to meet meetings goals and themes; calls to determine and narrow focus, and last but not least, make sure your day and event goes smoothly in every way possible from our end.

Any combination is possible! Interested in learning more about booking Debra? Submit Inquiry Form or call directly at (515) 290-6188. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your meeting or event, your objectives, and your audience.

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    In this session I teach your audience how the hormone-exercise solution makes all the difference in stubborn belly fat, bat wings, fatigue, along with productivity, mood, and brain health. Why don’t cookie-cutter exercise programs work for you? You’re not a cookie.


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