We can hire and train effective skills in sales, management, and customer service but without good health we never really reach our full capacity or ENJOY the life we have! Health is the key to happiness, success (however YOU define it), and productivity. It’s your bottom line and your bottom-line.

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An author, healthy lifestyle expert for 30 years, Debra Atkinson instantly connects with people to give them the tools they need to live, work and play with more energy and fun. She delivers a content-rich “real people” approach full of laughter, fun, and memorable bullets that that have people take away thoughts they can put into action. Debra guides audience toward self-awareness of irrational thoughts and more irrational solutions so they can take the first step toward change.

Please note, Debra has no “canned” speeches. Your presentation will be a fresh handpicked compilation for your audience from your objectives and Debra’s stories and anecdotes so the audience will retain the content. That said here are a few titles and presentations that work well. Debra enjoys creating new titles and matching your needs and objectives with her bag of tools to create a unique experience for your audience. Any of these can be formatted to your length requirements. She pulls the latest research into her content-rich presentations.

Speaking Programs


Expanding responsibilities, shrinking budgets, cranky coworkers, family demands, too much to do and not enough time to do it! Is it any wonder that we’re all a little edgy? Find out how taking care of yourself can affect your sanity, your success and everyone’s bottom line. Learn how to get through the toughest of days and end still smiling. One thing is for sure; stress will find you. Here’s how to deal with it and get out alive. Discover how to survive and thrive in a world of change. Take Aways:

  • four effects of stress you didn’t want to know
  • how to adjust exercise to stress levels
  • how to eat for stress prevention or in-crisis
  • what laughter does to your “hangry” hormones
  • zero time zero effort stress-busters

Best For: Keynotes or Breakout, Women’s Organizations, Professional Development Day, Executive Assistant Appreciation

Why What Got You Here (50 or over) Won’t Work Any More: The New Rules For Women’s Weight & Wellness

What if everything you learned the last 30+ years about health, fitness, and weight was wrong? Define the real truth about how to deal with your “new rules” of hormones and your newly defined “hot.” Take aways:

  • The truth about “balanced” diets
  • Weight training tips for fit at 50, sexy at 60 and sassy at 70
  • How to have your wine and weight loss too
  • Your hot flash is not a fat burning zone (but three zones are)
  • How bat wings can be dealt with

Best For: Keynote or Breakout, Women’s Organizations, Fitness Associations, Retirement Community residents and staff

How To Attract More Customers and Make More Sales Even When You Hate Sales!

For 20 years Debra has worked with fitness professionals whose mantra is “I hate to sell!” and grown her department $100K annually six and a half years in a row before leaving to consult for fitness professionals who want to do the same or better. The right words, actions and follow through replace pushy and salesy. Debra will show you how to be a magnet for the customers you want and how to draw them in consistently with your menu instead of waiting for leftovers. Take aways:

  • How To Stop the social media abuse and start seeing results
  • One marketing word that will enhance all your results
  • Three questions to ask that get a customer to sell themselves
  • One final question that boosts sales by 15-20% every time
  • Seven ways to get a customer to like you, trust you, want to buy from you
  • What to say so they’ll be able to hear you talk

Best For: Keynote, Breakout, Half Day Bootcamps

Additional Presentations:

The Art and Science of Active Aging

Including The Five Little Words You Least Want To Hear Grandma Say!

The Art and Science of Women’s Health
The Power Within You
Coloring Outside the Lines

Among wellness take-aways your audience will receive:

  • Simple Done-in-Seconds Neck and Back Savers
  • Exercise Solutions for Over-Scheduled Under-Energy Syndrome
  • Identify a Six-Step Solution for When The Bulge Won’t Budge
  • Brain (and Bum) Boosting Snacks for Avoiding Afternoon
  • Busting the Myth of Life Balance For Something Better
  • I Think I Know What You Think You Said: Communication for Home & Work
  • How To Create a Break-room Manifesto
  • Avoid Bored Room in the Boardroom with these keys

Debra will customize outcomes and deliver results specific to your audience.

The following can be woven into content-driven and action-oriented presentations for your keynote or breakouts.   Or contact her directly at 515.290.6188 about a customized fitness topic for your group.
Debra Is A Good Fit For: Women’s Conferences, Keynote and Breakout Women’s Events, Women’s Health & Wellness Seminar, Women’s Retreat, Women’s Events, Association Keynote, Community Health Education, Sales & Marketing Bootcamps, Health Industry Forums & Staff Enhancement

Expertise in: Productivity, Energy management, Balance, Fitness, Women’s Health, Active Aging, Women’s Wellness, Work Wellness, Sales and Marketing for Fitness and Wellness Professionals

Submit inquiry or contact Debra at 515-290-6188 or debra@voiceforfitness.com

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In this session I teach your audience how the hormone-exercise solution makes all the difference in stubborn belly fat, bat wings, fatigue, along with productivity, mood, and brain health. Why don’t cookie-cutter exercise programs work for you? You’re not a cookie.


How do you get your energy, body, and life back…and then some? Some exercise makes your life better and some makes you tired… what’s the difference? This session trains audience members how to craft their ideal workout based on their personal needs, goals, and preferences.


The #1 Killer is, too often, you. Many women have said, “I used to lose weight easily, and be able to get results fast, but it’s not working any more.” So they quit or get tired and sick. I talk about how to change the strategy to win the new game.


How do you become your own personal trainer, nutritionist, and health coach? The flipping 50 workout plan will arm anyone with the exercise schedule they need today and next year to be their best.


There are 7 major ways to support fitness past the workout. Most women stop at 1! If you can’t exercise due to time, a condition, or illness, Debra unpacks the 7 was you can leverage your lifestyle beyond the workout.

7 Step Framework for Flipping 50

In this session I teach your audience the 7-step framework to feel good and look great, approaching or after 50 (the same framework I have used to teach thousands of women and trainers to flip 50).