• “Working with Debra was easy and enjoyable! The pre-program video Debra provided was a wonderful way to promote the event. Our objective was to have women leave with knowledge, motivation, and tips to get them started living healthier lives – whatever that meant for each of them. Women loved the event.”

    Erin Schildroth Community Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator, Unity Point Health
  • “We were truly delighted with how the Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Friends event turned out! We can offer a nice venue, a little conversation and wine, dinner, a few exhibits, and do a little fundraising, but the impact of the hospital’s event on the community’s health came because you are the perfect person to deliver this very important message on living well."

    Keely Harken Foundation Development & Community Outreach Manager, Grundy County Memorial Hospital/UnityPoint Health
  • "We have received feedback since our event, and amongst the 5 presenters who were part of the evening a majority of comments have been about Debra. Attendees said they learned a good deal in a short period of time that could be applied to their wellness routines immediately."

    Ann Franks PrimeWomen.com, Editor in Chief, Living Well event
  • “Working with Debra was a rare treat. Having worked with speakers and presenters for over 40 years professionally, I've found that the true professionals are few and far between. Debra was responsive to every request prior to the event in a timely manner. She was at the venue early and engaged with the attendees as they entered into the presentation room. Debra is naturally warm and gregarious person who endeared herself to the audience and the other speakers." "Debra’s presentation was refreshingly on point and on target. While there would seem to be nothing new under the sun regarding fitness, all of us discovered that there is actually quite a bit that even the most avid fitness aficionado did not know. Debra's use of her power point slides was just right. She gave just enough visual cues without depending on them to make an outstanding presentation." Attendees said this about Debra’s presentation: "Very informative and her presentation simply fit for whatever your age and category." "Very energetic and I liked her message. I will look for her book." "Excellent!" "Best presenter and charts (pictures versus words) to keep audience attention. Timely topic." "Debra is the perfect speaker for any organization that is looking for an expert in fitness. She is clearly perfect for the over 50 women, but really, her knowledge and information would be of interest to men and women of all ages." "I would highly recommend Debra as a speaker for any type of event."

    Dorthy Shore Board Chair & Acting CEO, PrimeWomen.com
  • "Getting together as a group each Tuesday night and listening to Debra's suggestions and her vast knowledge (was my favorite experience as a member of the dream team). We each had different struggles so you could learn from what Deb was telling someone else. She was terrific. Now I feel like I should get a coach but will be disappointed because they will not match up to Deb. She pushed in a good way. I loved how she didn't agree with something but put it in such a way that it was good.  DEB  WAS GREAT!!! She helped me drastically from Day 1 and I will always be grateful for that. She was very supportive and available both by phone and email. She was awesome!"

    Dream Team Participants Live Healthy Iowa
  • "I can't thank (Debra) enough for all the leadership and sharing of her expertise with the Dream Team. (She) went above and beyond in this role and it is much appreciated!"

    Emily Bisbee CHES, Live Healthy Iowa Coordinator
  • "Understanding in more depth what happens as we age and how to maximize exercise effectiveness was extremely helpful."

    Peggi Laursen
  • "Very professional, certainly knowledgeable, clear, easy to understand, positive."

    Mavis Butler
  • "Debra's presentation was very informative! She knows her stuff!"

    Rhonda Schmaltz
  •  "...very good at explaining during the session, easy to understand, great direction."  What was most beneficial? "Clearly focusing on a particular pose and learning how to tweak each form to my body."

    Emily Walters Yoga Introduction
  • Beyond Bootcamp: Design, Marketing and Delivery of Successful Group Training for fitness professionals ..."helps me critically think through all the details to see if it would be successful, gave me knowledge of all the small details to plan and consider." Managing Your Business: Passion to Profit ..."gave me new ideas to manage my time more efficiently and helped me set goals for myself to manage my business more responsibly." More Effective Cueing for Movement that Matters More ... "helped reinforce what I do well and practice watching a client...reminded me how important it is to be 100% focused on the client and their experience."

    Hannah K Fitness Professional
  • "Deb was so enthusiastic and knowledgeable. She looks like she practices what she teaches. She was kind but truthful."

    Meeting Attendee
  • "…excellent speaker with an important message…makes appropriate use of her slides in communicating relevant information."

    Meeting Attendee
  • "She was motivating, realistic…in goal setting and touched us with personal stories."

    Meeting Attendee
  • "It was definitely obvious…she was prepared and enthusiastic…we had tons of positive feedback."

    Business Owner
  • "I am so happy to have Deb as a mentor.  She has given me valuable insight and a great opportunity that I would have never been able to experience without her.  She has given me new ideas and input that I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else.  She is so inspiring in everything that she has done and is doing, and she has taught me so much about myself and many other things in a short amount of time.  I am truly grateful to her for that."

    Michaela Kendall ISU Entrepreneurship Student
  • "Debra did a wonderful job of maintaining the attention of our Iowa PGA Members during her dynamic presentation.  Debra's knowledge of fitness and the mechanics of the human body are very apparent and she does a fabulous job of teaching both.  The Iowa PGA is very fortunate to have Debra as a speaker for our education seminars and golf fitness writer for Iowa Golf Magazine."

    Troy Christensen Executive Director, Iowa PGA Section
  • "Debra was incredible to work with…the response from attendees was fantastic!"

    Meeting Planner
  • "Debra was motivating and enthusiastic.  She delivered an important message in a fun way, tailoring her presentation to our theme.  Thank you!"

    Michelle Catlett Corporate Events Director, American Heart Association
  • "I have learned many things from Debra so I cannot limit it to one.  I have learned the difference between just a short-term goal and a long-term reason for losing weight and fitness. The long term reason includes changing a lifestyle and realizing that weight loss means better health,  cholesterol, blood pressure, possible prevention of diabetic and some cancers.  Included in that is a better self- image and clothes fitting better. She has shared ideas for optimum exercise routines and the importance of protein in the diet. Most important, she has encouraged and convinced me to really decide to want fitness."

    Janice Reutter
  • "You spoke to me. The way you said, “you've heard this before but take it slow and I'm going to point out some things from a different angle”...because that's exactly what I do with my clients that resonated with me.  I've done other programs before but they seemed more for big facilities or big boxes and just get them in and get the sale. This is different. It feels better. (Regarding PPTP Program for growing his personal training business)"

    Roy Alfonso Medical Fitness Specialist
  • "Deb does a tremendous job assisting people with their health and fitness. Having so much experience, there is no one I trust more to help me continue to become healthier. I have heard Deb speak a couple times, I’ve been a part of several tele seminars and she has coached me. The things I appreciate most from Deb are the passion she has for health and fitness, her honesty and how she challenges me, and that she does it with a sense of humor. As a healthcare professional, I thought I was doing a pretty good job with my own diet and exercise but I quickly learned that I didn’t know as much as I thought. Since working with Deb, I have been exercising much differently and I am much stronger and healthier. I’ll never be able to thank her enough for all she has done to help me."

    Jennifer Long
  • "I’ve always thought fairly linearly about losing weight and getting fit – go on a diet, burn calories working out, and track food. Debra’s webinar was like taking the blinders off; I realized that stress, hormones and insulin were having a party inside my body, thanks to my eating/infrequent exercising habits. Debra’s webinar was like getting a new set of tools for rebooting my metabolism so that my body doesn’t hold on to the pounds."

    Jenn Illustrator
  • "I was finally able to connect into and understand the physiology behind my lifelong, ingrained rollercoaster weight loss/weight gain story. Specifically, Debra helped me realize that my body’s in a constant state of stress due to intermittent exercise, not eating enough, and drinking wine or gin and tonics on an empty stomach at night. YUCK!"

    Jenn Web Designer & Illustrator
  • "I would absolutely recommend Debra. She is very knowledgeable and organized in her approach to her program. She is supportive in a firm gentle kind of way. We set realistic goals and I felt Debra was by my side guiding me through the process of accomplishing those goals. I knew Debra was the coach for me when I heard her speak at the Active Aging Conferences. I liked her style and personality. I made a financial investment in myself by signing up with Debra and it was worth every dime."

    Denny Gold Private Coaching Client
  • "I am loving your posts, webinars, and emails! You are really changing my way of thinking about food and exercise! I have realized I was really low in protein and I can tell the difference already in that change in my eating. Thank you for the examples for high protein breakfasts, I was struggling with what to eat. You are making a difference in my life and I am bringing my husband along with me 🙂 "

    Peggy Subscriber
  • "I have done a lot of reading and research into diet and exercise and was surprised to find that many of my ideas were outdated. I now have a more up to date tool kit to use to take me into my middle age."

    Genna Private Coaching Client
  • "From the time Debra first came to our community for an afternoon workshop to when she left, the lift of energy in the room was palpable. We felt inspired about our bodies and abilities once she demonstrated how to shift the mindsets around aging. We'd love to have her back!"

    Mary Smith
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